Next generation crypto currency and humanity


Achilles SOS wallet will have Bitcoin and Litecoin functionality but will not be able to use Ghost Coins



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What is Achilles Coin?

Achilles is the first to merge currency/wealth inside organic material. Inside you is a 100% secure banking solution. The perfect merger of human and machine . With Achilles implants you become the bank.

You are the most valued asset in the world . You keep yourself safe.

It’s much easier to keep yourself safe than it is stacks of cash or bars of gold. You could fit 99 trillion Dollars/Euros inside your body without anyone knowing it. Can you carry and keep safe 5000 pounds of gold bars? Didn’t think so.

With the Achilles implant you can fit the equivalent value of 99 trillion Dollars/Euros and 5000 pounds of gold bars all inside a Biocompatible Achilles implant the size of a grain of rice. Your body becomes a 100% secure bank for your wealth.



It works!

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