About Achilles Coin

Achilles is the first to merge currency/wealth inside organic material. Inside you is a 100% secure banking solution. The perfect merger of human and machine . With Achilles implants you become the bank.

You are the most valued asset in the world . You keep yourself safe.

It’s much easier to keep yourself safe than it is stacks of cash or bars of gold. You could fit 99 trillion Dollars/Euros inside your body without anyone knowing it. Can you carry and keep safe 5000 pounds of gold bars? Didn’t think so.

With the Achilles implant you can fit the equivalent value of 99 trillion Dollars/Euros and 5000 pounds of gold bars all inside a Biocompatible Achilles implant the size of a grain of rice. Your body becomes a 100% secure bank for your wealth.

One of our more exciting features to be built into Achilles functions is the merger of technology and the body. Our first step in that direction will take place on May 15th 2018. One of our developers will be implanting the first Achilles NFC Biocompatible implants. The installation will be filmed LIVE so stay tuned for the link around May 10th 2018.

We have many exciting applications for the implants to work with the encryption process, Pay and biometric validation. We have many more functions for Achilles Wetware .For now we will focus on instillation and prime directives.


Hardware and Mainstream Adoption

The first release beta wallets will use open source hardware with instruction .We are also working with a manufacturer for Achilles brand hardware.

For the consumer we will have a very user friendly one button push to play authentication process. The final consumer version of Achilles will be very simple for a novice user to simply push a button and follow the Achilles wallet software prompts to authenticate with biometric hardware.

Achilles wallet software is being designed to instruct the user to complete all task with one button push. This simple process is built into each function of Achilles. BioLock, FilePay, SkinPay and BodBAnk. This will make Achilles a viable mainstream application for all features and functionality.

Crypto Currency sometimes seems like an intimidating technology to mainstream society so we looked into many dummy proof and mainstream softwares that mainstream is already comfortable with. We want Achilles process to feel familiar so mainstream adoption of Achilles will be a quick transition. Some of our inspiration came from application like Facebook , Apple, Windows, and Android.