SOS protocol

With the rise of Bitcoin kidnapping and people being held at gunpoint Achilles Team has found a solution using our advanced wallet functions. Achilles SOS protocol will give you the option to send out a stealth message to Achilles private SOS servers. Our FilePay system will let you send your GPS location to local law enforcement. The SOS function is only available for people who choose it. We understand many of our users value privacy.

Setting up your SOS wallet:

You will have to download our custom SOS wallet to use the SOS features. Once you download the SOS wallet you will include your personal information in the SOS tab. After you are finished with personal information, you have to encrypt the wallet the encrypt wallet tab. There will be two sections for encrypted passwords. The first is your standard password that unlocks the wallet for sending ACH. The second password will be labeled SOS password. Filling out these passwords will encrypt your wallet. The SOS Achilles wallet will close automatically. Next time you launch the SOS wallet it will look like a standard wallet. No evidence of SOS will be displayed, nor will be the SOS setup tabs. It will look no different than the regular Android Achilles wallet.

The personal information to fill out will be:



Government Identification number:

Primary Cell phone number:

The primary cell number will be used for law enforcement to locate you.

How to use your SOS wallet:

In the event that you are kidnaped or held at gunpoint do exactly what they ask. Send the coins to whatever address they ask you - BUT when you type in your password to initiate the transaction, type in your SOS password.

An Achilles transaction will appear normally to the kidnappers. It will even show up in their wallet, but these are Ghost coins that cannot be spent. These Ghost coins will also take 5x the normal time to confirm before the kidnappers realize they are in fact Ghost coins.

At the moment you send the Ghost Coins using your SOS encrypted password what is really happening is the FilePay system takes effect sending your GPS Location and all your personal information. At that time Achilles SOS system will begin the process of contacting your Government and local law enforcement agencies. T

hey will be given GPS location that was automatically included from your SOS wallet protocol along with you cell phone number. If your cell phone is on or near your person, the police can use its signal to locate you. After your situation has been resolved the Ghost coins remain on the blockchain but cannot be spent. Your ACH coins will be returned to you once we can confirm your Identity. A 3% fee will be taken from your balance to help fund the Achilles SOS program.

All this would not be possible without Achilles FilePay Function. Our SOS system cannot guarantee your Safety from criminals. It can guarantee that the moment you type in that SOS password, you will have help being sent to you within seconds. The SOS feature will also detour criminals from even pursuing you as a target. With advancements in satellite targeting and police tracing technology criminals would not want to take the chance.

Keep in mind Achilles values your privacy and only the SOS wallet will include the GPS protocol. The Source of the ACH SOS wallet will be open source and we guarantee in the spirit of privacy and decentralization we will never include tracking software in any other ACH wallets other than the SOS wallet that has clear and identifying SOS badging and SOS tabs. All your private data is safe and not shared until you activate the SOS system by sending any transaction using your SOS password.

Depending on your countries Police response time we calculate by the time the criminals realize the Ghost coins won’t confirm on the blockchain your government and local police forces will have already established a perimeter around the GPS Location given by the SOS wallet. Dropping a safety net over you and the criminals. Typically police response time is 5-11 minutes. This gives the police plenty of time to converge on your location and capturing the criminals.

Achilles will know exactly who to contact quickly to drop the safety net. We will be using an AI system database to read and generate appropriate emergency contacts information within seconds of the SOS system being activated. In an emergency situation every second counts. Achilles has your back.